Dental Marketing Measurements

When you have the resources to measure your marketing performance in various ways, you’ll gain valuable insight to help you make solid decisions. Altair can help you look at your campaign results from many different perspectives.  Track response rates of households that receive your communication and book appointments  Report total net revenue generated by patients […]

Dental Campaign Reporting and Analysis

Move forward, make informed decisions armed with valuable insight. We’re not finished when your marketing campaign hits the mailbox – we’re there to support you as you make sense of its results. Your Altair team can analyze the success of your efforts down to a granular level, so you can make the informed choices about […]

Dental Patient Reactivation

Reengage and retain: Altair can help you find lost patients and keep regular ones. Reaching out to patients who have lapsed – and getting them to come back – is an Altair specialty. Success speaks for itself: One dental group used our strategy in its monthly mail program averaged a 12% response rate over two […]

Dental Patient Acquisition

Find your ideal future patients – and get them into your chair – with our targeted acquisition strategies.  Altair can take your existing patient data and create a model profile to help you reach out to similar individuals and households in a specific practice area. Our exclusive targeting, based on key demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics, […]

Analytical & Reporting Solutions

Altair’s strategic analytics: Science and art, working together for you. If you rely solely on statisticians for your analytics, you’re only getting half of what you need to enhance your marketing efforts. At Altair, our analysts combine science and art to give you powerful, user-friendly intelligence. Our analytic solutions cover the basics, like finding the […]

Predictive Modeling

Altair’s industry-leading expertise and multi-source approach builds models that work. When you want to put the power of predictive modeling to work in your customer acquisition, cross-selling and up-selling efforts, count on Altair’s proven methodology. We’ll help you reach new prospects – ones that are likely to become loyal customers –and find new ways to […]

Patient Acquisition & Retention

Our direct marketing programs include in-depth analytics. It’s the powerhouse behind the postcards and emails. Nothing beats direct marketing when it comes to attracting, retaining and reengaging patients. But success is about much more than dropping postcards and filling in-boxes. For an effective and measurable campaign, you need an experienced, resourceful partner. One that can […]

Retail Healthcare Solutions

Turn your information into insight, and insight into results. Many successful healthcare providers have discovered the marketing powerhouse that lies within their patient data. But what some don’t realize is this: To unlock that power, they need a partner with specific experience and resources. Altair can be that partner. We will help you convert your […]

Retail Healthcare

The healthcare business is changing. We’ll help you stay a step ahead. These days, it takes more than great patient relations and word-of-mouth to grow a practice. As the healthcare environment evolves, competition gets tougher and potential patients become harder to reach. That’s why savvy providers – both large and small –count on Altair to […]