How can your dental practice reactivate former patients

If acquiring new patients is difficult for dental practices, then reactivating former clients is perhaps an even greater challenge. People who have not been back in more than a year for their cleanings or checkups are prime candidates for reactivation​, which is crucial to expanding a dentist’s client base.

So how can dental practices attract these types of patients and get them back in the office for cleanings? A data analytics expert like Altair Customer Intelligence is one way to approach this need.

The proof is in the data
Having successfully developed an acquisition initiative based on a program for a major dental group, which boasted more than 50 locations, Altair took on the task of helping this client reactivate previous patients who missed appointments and recall visits. By analyzing data, Altair discovered that although the dental practice had a 95 percent satisfaction score, each of its offices was losing an average of one-third of its customer base annually.

People often move to different locations, so it is not uncommon for dentists to send mail to a particular address and not receive a response. Some dental practices may simply think this patient will never return, even though there is data available that reveals their new residence. This is where a services provider such as Altair is so effective. Altair helped the dental group identify patients who moved and updated the client’s database with the current addresses. Altair also has the ability to help clients determine whether patients have moved to new markets where existing practices exist and reassign them to these closer locations. Any marketing materials sent to these people included a strong call to action to emphasize the importance of scheduling their next appointment.

This may seem like a victory given that the dental group managed to find these patients at their new addresses, but the work wasn’t finished yet. Altair then measured the results of the marketing campaign by matching those who were targeted to actual appointments scheduled to achieve a true ROI of their marketing efforts.

The results
Since partnering with Altair, the client’s re-engagement of previous clients achieved an average success rate of 12 percent at its offices, which combined with its results for acquiring new customers, has been a win-win for the practice.

Dentists should not be focused solely on bringing in new clients but also reconnecting with old ones who may have moved to another location or are simply too busy in their everyday lives to schedule an appointment. The data is there, and the results are obtainable for practices that partner with Altair.

Altair has the expertise and resources available to assist clients with their two greatest needs – bringing in new patients and communicating with old ones. Dental groups that are successful in both of these areas will be in a competitive position for the long run, as their schedules will always be full.

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