2 digital marketing tips to retain patients

Social media marketing is one of the most effective digital strategies.

Digital marketing is here to stay. However, many healthcare marketers are late to adopt the most effective, online trends. Citing data from MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, Marketo.com, a marketing software company, reported 58 percent marketers in the healthcare industry are producing blog posts. In contrast, 74 percent of all marketing professionals across diverse industries are blogging. Additionally, compared to marketers in other industries, healthcare marketing professionals are more likely to use print magazines, newsletters and annual reports compared to all marketers.

In today's digital age, healthcare marketers can benefit from innovative online patient outreach strategies. Here are two ways hospitals, doctor's offices and other healthcare facilities can take advantage of what the Internet has to offer:

  1. Gain an online presence to reach patients
    In addition to using print methods to reach patients, healthcare marketers should employ social networking strategies. Many patients communicate with friends and companies through social media channels. To keep up with this trend, physician's offices should consider creating Facebook pages and Twitter handles. That way, patients can find out information about the doctors, health-related trends and other insightful pieces of information. This makes the organization appear more accessible and responsive to patients. 

    Additionally, healthcare providers will know what their patients care about, as well as their expectations. Marketo.com reported that the benefits of social media engagement are invaluable. Using social networks, patients can converse with doctors and healthcare workers online, share their opinions and participate in surveys. 

  2. Optimize the organization's website to retain patients
    To acquire a doctor's contact information, patients typically visit a physician's website. Paramount MD suggested doctors update their websites with the latest information. By doing so, the site will come off more credible, and create more traffic and conversions.

    Many people search the Web on their smartphones, so the website must be mobile-friendly. Marketing professionals in the healthcare industry should use a responsive design when creating their websites, which formats the browser to fit different screen sizes, from a tablet and a smartphone to a PC. It's vital that healthcare providers have top-notch sites to ensure patients can navigate through them with ease, no matter what device they are using.

    These digital marketing tips can help increase patient retention numbers, strengthen relationships and build loyalty.

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