4 direct marketing tips for patient retention

Know which communication platforms patients prefer.

It's no secret that direct marketing is a key ingredient to any healthy patient retention strategy. After an individual visits a care provider, marketers have the ability to turn him or her into a returning patient, creating a lasting relationship between the person and the organization. One of the most effective ways to plant the seeds for such a relationship is by maintaining consistent, high-quality and relevant communication with patients. Here are four tips for developing the best direct marketing materials:

  1. Know your audience: Crafting strong messages is impossible if you don't know who you're addressing. Developing profiles based on your existing patients will allow healthcare centers to best segment their audience. By determining which segment represents the most opportunities, organizations can best focus their efforts and achieve a return on marketing investment.
  2. Communicate on their favorite platforms: Ask patients how they'd like to be contacted, whether it's via mail, email, phone or another method. Determining the best way to reach individual patients won't just show them you care about their preferences, but it could also save your organization significantly on marketing resource costs.
  3. Develop a consistent voice: In every industry, brand consistency is crucial. Even small doctor's offices and dental practices should decide what their organization's personality is, and develop guidelines for style and tone in all communication efforts.
  4. Include calls to action: In every message your organization sends out, it's important to encourage patients to take the next step, such as calling to make an appointment. For print or digital outreach, ensure calls to action stand out by using space, bold fonts and colors. Make the action item as easy as possible for the patient to complete by linking the organization's website and email address. In addition, make contact information easy to find by placing it in larger text size at the end of a message, or in the corner of a mail piece, for example.

With the right direct marketing strategy, healthcare organizations can encourage sustainable patient loyalty.

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