Targeting new movers and homeowners improves healthcare marketing efforts

Targeting new movers and new homeowners is an effective healthcare marketing strategy.

Healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, urgent care facilities and dental care practitioners, enjoy a strong return on marketing investment when they target new movers and new homeowners. According to Community Media, these individuals are actively seeking new services as they settle into their new neighborhood. When a healthcare organization reaches these individuals before its competitors, the center is five times more likely to retain them as loyal patients.

By targeting new movers and new homeowners, healthcare marketers tap into a promising demographic. More than 43 million people move every year, which is 16 percent of the U.S. population. With people shifting around so much, healthcare marketers need to be able to identify and attract them to build strong patient relationships.

Fresh data supports healthcare marketers' efforts
With highly accurate and relevant data, marketing professionals in the healthcare field can reach the most qualified potential patients. Moving Prospects, a department of Altair Customer Intelligence, provides healthcare companies with invaluable data pertaining specifically to new moves and homeownership, as well as other vital information. With access to records of 3,144 counties and courthouses nationwide, magazine subscriptions and retail transactions, Altair manages one of the most thorough databases. Moving Prospects updates its new movers' database weekly and its new homeowners' database daily. This provides healthcare marketing professionals with the most up-to-date information. 

In this evolving marketplace, healthcare organizations need to be agile and identify the right potential patients. As people move throughout the year, marketers need to be one step ahead. Those who turn to Altair's Moving Prospects have the ability to be proactive in their patient acquisition efforts. By reaching out to a relevant, highly targeted audience, care providers acquire more new patients who have a greater likelihood of becoming returning patients.

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