Why Marketers Should Create Physician Videos

Physician videos are an effective healthcare marketing platform.

Patient-doctor relationships lie at the heart of quality healthcare. This isn't a new concept. In fact, more than 2,000 years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates believed in this philosophy, according to the Massachusetts Medical Society. While improving relationships with patients is by no means a new concept, technology has allowed doctors to connect with prospective visitors in engaging and meaningful ways. Marketers across industries are turning to video to reach their target audiences, and this medium presents many opportunities for healthcare providers.

Compelling Video Can Attract Prospective Patients
The relationship forms during the first handshake, so it's vital for doctors to make a good initial impression. However, the connection may begin before the patient and doctor meet. For example, people seeking care may conduct research online, seeking the best doctor to meet their needs and reviewing physicians' credentials and biographies. This experience can influence whether people book appointments with a particular clinic or specialist. One way doctors can establish relationships with patients and stand out among the highly competitive healthcare landscape is to offer something different, compelling and personal: a physician video.

Patients May Select Doctors Based on Their Online Presence
Contrast Creative, an advertising agency, indicated a video can help people gain insight into the healthcare professional's practices and the hospital culture. Healthcare marketers can interview physicians, inquiring about their medical backgrounds, interests and hobbies. This visual medium humanizes healthcare professionals. A prospective patient may form a positive opinion about the doctor after viewing the engaging clip.

Marketers Can Use Analytic Tools to Measure the Effectiveness of Video Strategies
A personal video can convert first-time visitors into long-term patients. Producing a video doesn't cost much and is highly effective in appealing to prospective patients. Healthcare providers who use this platform enjoy a strong return on marketing investment. However, the only way marketing professionals in the industry will know whether the video strategies are working is to track and measure the results.

Tracking video views is the first step toward measuring marketing ROI for video. Healthcare organizations can also measure completion rates, or the proportion of viewers who watched the video entirely. If doctor's offices, clinics and other care providers post these videos on social media sites, they can track how many shares they've received, as well as gauge the audience's reaction by monitoring people's comments.

An informative and light-hearted video can help establish and nurture the doctor-patient relationship.

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