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Target, reach, and connect with the best prospects for senior living communities.

It’s no secret that the senior market in the U.S. is growing. People are healthier than ever, and they’re living longer, which expands opportunities for companies that provide housing, services and care to the 75+ population. Occupancy is high – and rising – in the nation’s independent living, assisted living and memory care communities. Even so, it’s a fragmented and competitive market, with a handful of major companies totaling only about a quarter of market share.

Senior Living Patient Acquisitions - Altair offers senior living companies a highly specialized, proven effective approach. Our senior industry expertise begins with our data—we have data on consumer demographics, the competitive landscape, and referral sources. Demographics: We’ve identified the most likely senior prospects from our industry-best consumer database based on a combination of factors, including:  Age Net worth Home ownership […]

Senior Living Marketing Measurements - We make smart marketing decisions easier. Here’s how. Altair’s data, analytics and reporting solutions can measure your marketing performance, project potential success and help optimize your decision-making. Curious as to whether an acquisition campaign makes sense? We’ll analyze the market area by potential prospects, look at the presence and strength of your competition and determine […]