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Urgent care is there when patients need it. Altair can help them find it.

Marketing success in urgent care means connecting with potential patients and keeping existing patients and their families coming back when they need urgent health care services. At Altair, we have solutions to help you find and speak to prospects, reengage past patients, and make sure your center is “top of mind” when they need routine care, or if illness or minor injuries happen.

How are your marketing efforts performing? Are you turning prospects into patients and patients into loyal customers? Let Altair boost your ROI and grow your business.

Urgent Care Patient Acquisition - Our experience, resources and strategies will find new patients for your center. Altair uses the power of multi-sourced data, together with our predictive modeling, to target your best prospects. We can work with your database and enhance it with our own demographic, lifestyle and geographic data to profile and segment your potential patients. We’ll develop […]

Patient Retention and Reactivation for Urgent Care - Reengage and retain: Altair can help you bring former patients back and keep current ones loyal. Reaching out to former patients – and getting them to return – is an Altair specialty. We’ll apply our exclusive customer intelligence, and add our vast data resources, to your existing customer information. This can help you locate and […]

Urgent Care Reporting and Analysis - Make sense of your results – and decide where to go next. When your campaign is over, or at critical waypoints during an ongoing effort, the Altair team can help you analyze results down to a granular level. That’s exactly the kind of intelligence you need to make informed decisions about future marketing efforts. We’ll show […]