Analytical & Reporting Solutions

Altair’s strategic analytics: Science and art, working together for you.

If you rely solely on statisticians for your analytics, you’re only getting half of what you need to enhance your marketing efforts. At Altair, our analysts combine science and art to give you powerful, user-friendly intelligence.

Our analytic solutions cover the basics, like finding the who, what, when, why and how, and segmenting your patients into distinct groups. Then we go beyond. We’ll answer your questions about your current patients: How to decrease attrition, increase retention, cross sell and up sell. We’ll look at untapped markets and how to target prospects. And we’ll help you understand what motivates your patients to buy – and become loyal, long-term patients.

Our analytical tools include:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Patient profiling
  • Response analysis
  • Segmentation/clustering
  • Trade area or rooftop mapping
  • Drive-time analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your marketing (and the marketing you should be doing) with Altair’s blend of the science of analytics and the art of insight to work for your healthcare business.

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