Predictive Modeling

Altair’s industry-leading expertise and multi-source approach builds models that work.

When you want to put the power of predictive modeling to work in your customer acquisition, cross-selling and up-selling efforts, count on Altair’s proven methodology. We’ll help you reach new prospects – ones that are likely to become loyal customers –and find new ways to market to your existing customer base.

Modeling is one of Altair’s core strengths; we’ve been refining our methodology since we opened our doors. We go beyond the “who” of demographics to examine the “why” of consumer attitudes, motivations and behaviors. Our experience in the practical application of predictive modeling sets us apart.

We start with the best data. We built our own, multisource database that covers 98% of U.S. households. Other companies that offer a single data source simply cannot compete.

The Altair advantage:

Coverage – The more quality variables that can be added to your file, the better, and we offer 1,000+. That gives you one of the best enhancement tools in the business.

Quality – To get results, the variables must be accurate. It’s our goal to apply actual information, while other companies typically model critical variables.

Predictiveness – We maximize model performance with behavioral and attitudinal data, channel preference and other predictive data.

We also put your data through a rigorous standardization and hygiene process to provide the cleanest data possible before we build your model.

When your business is ready for sophisticated predictive models that get results, Altair is ready to build one for you.

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