Retail Healthcare Solutions

Turn your information into insight, and insight into results.

Many successful healthcare providers have discovered the marketing powerhouse that lies within their patient data. But what some don’t realize is this: To unlock that power, they need a partner with specific experience and resources. Altair can be that partner. We will help you convert your data into meaningful and actionable insight.

How can Altair’s healthcare industry experience, multi-sourced data assets and world-class analytic capabilities work for you?

  • Acquire new patients – We’ll help determine your best prospects and show you how to reach them
  • Improve patient retention – Our programs can make the most of your opportunity to retain current and re-engage previous patients
  • Optimize your marketing spending – We’ll prioritize your data based on payor type (commercial, private, Medicaid, etc.)

Linked below are a few of our time-tested, market-proven programs designed specifically for the retail healthcare industry. And because we know that every healthcare business is unique, the data and marketing professionals at Altair can customize a program to meet your specific requirements – and get results!

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